You have an open position. Do you bring someone in from the outside to fill it? Or do you hire a person from the inside that you already know? Tough Decision! Here are a few things to consider:

Why you should Hire from Inside

1. Hire from the Inside if you like your culture

If you have worked hard to build a particular culture, hiring from the outside can be disruptive. It might be best to continue to build and reinforce your culture.

2. Hiring from the Inside brings proven Character and Chemistry.

Competence, Character, and Chemistry are all important in a successful staff hire. While competence may not be proven with an inside hire, Chemistry and Character have likely already been demonstrated.

Why you should Hire from Outside

1. Hire from the Outside if you want to Change your Culture (or a particular aspect of it)

Is your organization ingrown or stagnant? Sometimes you just need a fresh perspective. This is a great time to consider an outside hire. Sometimes we become blind to our own cultural realities. If you have not had much outside perspective into your organization an outside hire can be exactly what you need.

2.  Hire from the Outside when you need proven Competence.

With an outside hire, Character and Chemistry cannot be as known as thoroughly with an inside hire. But often a person’s track record speaks for itself in a particular area. When you need proven competence quickly, an outside hire may be the way to go. When hiring for competence, keep in mind that just because a person was successful elsewhere does not mean he/she will be successful in your organization. Sometimes a person sees a lot of fruit in a particular context but struggles in a different context.

2 More things to consider:

1. Outside Hiring only indicates a lack of Internal Leadership Development.

We should be intentionally developing leaders not expecting everyone else to raise them up so we can hire them.

2. Inside Hiring can be messy (in a church) if the person does not work out.

It’s messy when a person who is already in a church is hired then let go. When a person is fired, he/she usually leaves and takes friends with them.

Is it best to hire from inside or outside? As with most things in life, there is no easy answer. You must weigh your context, situation, and make a wise decision.

What do you think? Inside or Outside? Please comment and add your insight!

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