Brian Howard


Brian has pastored for nearly 30 years and has coached over a thousand pastors (including Dr. Russell Moore, Dr. Dan Dumas, Dr. Randy Stinson, and Jeremy Treat). Brian is connected with thousands of pastors around the country. He currently serves as Executive Director for Acts 29. Brian co-founded and led Sojourn Network, has worked with Acts 29, SBC, CBA, TGC, and Leadership Network.

Justin Anderson


Justin has spent the last 20 years leading churches. He has planted three thriving churches (Phoenix, San Francisco and Seattle), led a large-scale church merger and has coached and consulted dozens of leaders through major church transitions. He has worked with Acts29, Converge, the SBC, The Orchard Group and Leadership Network. Justin currently resides in Seattle, WA with his wife Emilie and five kids.

Rachel Webb

Staffing Coordinator

Rachel has an MTS and MA in Educational Leadership from Gateway Seminary with a BA in Math from DBU. Growing up in a pastor’s home and also married to one, she is very familiar with the world of pastors and has a great passion for serving in the local church. She loves to write and primarily takes care of all the promotion throughout the search processes. She is married to Dan and together they have one son, Judah.