The wrong hire in a church can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, ruin morale, cause families to leave, split churches, and even end churches. None of those things are exaggerations. We have personally seen these things all happen because of poor hiring decisions.

Peter Drucker says, “Executives make poor promotion and staffing decisions. By all accounts, their batting average is no better than one third: At most one-third of their hiring decisions turn out right; one-third are minimally effective; and one-third are outright failures. In no other area of management would we put up with such miserable performance.”

The right man to be the Pastor of your church is a critical decision.

Brian Howard has coached thousands of pastors across the world and is widely networked in the ministry world. Context Staffing has access to a wide network of pastoral candidates off of the radar of a local church. Brian also has a long and successful track record of helping connect churches and pastors.

In short, a partnership with Context Staffing will:

  • Widen your pool of candidates at least 10-fold
  • Save you hundreds of work hours in vetting, checking references, critiquing sermons, conducting initial interviews, etc.
  • Provide absolutely quality candidates that we know would fit your culture and context
  • Allow your leadership team to continue their ministries without disruption
  • Give you the assurance that our team is devoting 100% of their working hours to finding the right pastor for your church

What to Expect

  • We will learn the culture of your church and everything we can about your beliefs, your team, the specific challenges you are facing and the leader you are looking for.
  • Promotion of job posting on our website and through all of our networks including our current database of hundreds of candidates.
  • Thorough vetting and preliminary interviews of qualified applicants.
  • We will bring you a carefully selected list of final candidates.